Just in case you’re one of the many who have just decided to fulfill that New Year’s resolution, Stoutheart Fitness did some research and found a few gyms that are currently offering free trial memberships to help you get over that fitness contemplation hump. Below are three gyms that we feel are giving the best […]

There have been many times in my life where I just found myself wondering. Just wondering about life. Wondering why certain things happened the way they did and why others didn’t happen the way I wanted them to. I mean, I feel like I played all my cards right, it just didn’t turn out quite […]

I have this thing about fear. It’s a motherfucker. It’s almost as complicated as love. Both emotions can make you do some crazy things. And, both can make you do things you once thought you never could or never would. I have let fear keep me from grasping a hold of some of the best […]

Hi, I’m Shantelle, the owner of Stoutheart Fitness. I have served my country and now I serve my community by helping others achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. I want women to overcome this perpetual stigma or fear of touching and moving a heavy barbell. I want to do my part in the movement of […]